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Training Flow To Become a Profitable DayTrader

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Training Flow To Become a Profitable DayTrader

Post  Admin on Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:20 pm

Attempting to daytrade like an Institutional Trader requires knowledge, skill, some memorization (of kindergarden trades) and ORGANIZATION. seems to be quite a challenge to have subscribers GET ORGANIZED and STAY ORGANIZED. The Mini Dow reverses like clockwork 18 times a day, plus or minus 5 minutes on each reversal. A successful daytrader needs to follow

> the DayRaider Daily Routine (posted above)

> have reliable high speed internet

> two monitors, the 2nd as a "extended" monitor of 20 inches+ (24 inch is optimum)

> complete the Fundamentals of Futures Trading course, knowing the 3 technical causes of all reversals down, and the 3 technical causes of all reversals up

> Subscribe to DayRaider 1.1 & complete Module I. Here, you begin to learn how the Mini Dow is a manipulated market, and how you discern this manipulation by learning the 6 DOW BEHAVIORS, as exclusively developed by Your two homework assignments will teach you how Institutional traders hold positions overnight, and how you can trade WITH the Institutions at the market open (or before), exit your first trade at a substantial profit then reverse when the Institutions reverse after completion of "Yesterday's Trade". You can expect to be up over 150+ Mini Dow points if you catch both trades related to "Yesterday's Trade".

> Complete Module II. Module II shows you how the Dow Cash controls every trading decision you will make in DayRaider 1.1. You will learn how often the Institutional Traders reverse positions, based on TIME and PRICE and DOW BEHAVIORS
Your homework will teach you the (now) 4 technical causes of all reversals down, the (now) 4 technical causes of all reversals up, the 4 Mechanical Trades that give you SIMPLE, precise trading rules that you will follow every moment you trade via DayRaider 1.1

> Watch the streaming videos embedded in the Module II training PDF. This gives you real-world examples of how to replicate the 4 Reversals Up, 4 Reversals Down and the 4 Mechanical Trades that control the Mini-Dow.

> After completing Module II, you will install DayRaider 1.1, with assistance from

> Lastly, you will study Module III, DayRaider 1.1 Basics. You will use the invaluable embedded streaming videos in the Module III PDF, attend the weekly WebEx online meetings (you can ask any question at any time), and download exclusive audio/video movies from the FTP server. These movies will be custom lessons dedicated to showing real-world trading setups in the One Minute Methodology andDayRaider 1.1 . You can download these movies as well as the archived Weekly Meetings, in case you missed the meeting or want to replay what was discussed. These archives can be played back on your computer ad finitum.

> While studying Module III, you will begin paper trading DayRaider 1.1 , using real world stop losses and profit projections that DayRaider 1.1 gives you before you even enter the market (remember, the market is manipulated, so DOW BEHAVIORS give you the TIME and PRICE of your trading decisions.

> During paper trading and live trading, you can access the real-time eChat at the Mechanical_Trader trading room. You are free to communicate with any other logged in subscribers to exchange ideas and tips as you follow the Mini Dow using DayRaider 1.1

Subscribers will have the following PDF's and bookmarks in their computer:

- All Fundamentals of Futures Trading PDF's (contained in one email)
- Modules I, II, III PDF's
- DayRaider 1.1 trading platform
- Access to all streaming videos contained in Modules I, II, III
- Access to the FTP server to download all Weekly Meetings and WebEx Movies (click on the hyperlink contained in the email you received concerning WebEx Training Videos

This information is also contained in the PDF entitled MechanicalTrader Information Flow Chart, which has all kinds of cool colors and arrows (and hyperlinks) to guide the DayRaider 1.1 user smoothly guide you through training and communicating with subscribers and trainers.

Cheers! Good Trading!

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